Camel Safari Jaisalmer

As we know that Jaisailmer is the golden city of Rajasthan . The trip of Rajasthan is not complete without enjoying the ride on the camel . Camel safari is the also known as “ship of desert”. Camel Safari is the ultimate way to luxury desert life. Most tourist want to enjoy the camel Safari Jaisalmer and explore the small village and want to see the true magical sand. As per a report, the best place for the desert safari in Jaisalmer, when you come in Jaisalmer to you will make your camel safari memorable in your life experiences.

It is true that safari is found in Jaisailmer and also in the wild life of Rajasthan. Jaisailmer is the most colorful and wonderful destination in the India where million tourist come from across the world. Jaisalmer is the famous destination of Rajathan where tourists come from across the world for enjoy camel safari Jaisalmer and wide to enjoy the beauty of desert. Karni Desert Camp is famous for best Camel Safari Jaisalmer and tourist want to stay here want to make memorable holiday with camel safari.

There are so many travel agent in Jaisalmer who organized Camel Safari and most of these are vicinity of Jaisalmer and stretch from anywhere between 2 to 7 days. Karni Desert Camp offers Camel safari affordable package. We provide the one camel to one person and camel cart, camel cart, laden with food, utensils, and other supplies. Actually, Camel Cart is used for anyone sick of sitting on a camel. We also provide Tents, food, mineral water mattresses and our staff will also make sure that you get a full dose of local entertainment in the evenings.

We have two package of Camel Safari which is given below

Half Day Camel Safari

In halfday camel safari, you can enjoy three hours . It is starting sand dunes and enjoy camel ride to isolated magical sand dunes. In three hours, you will visit small village along with rajasthani culture. riding on the camel, you can experience the beautiful sunset and natural world after which you will arrive at the camp.

Full day Camel Ride

In full day Camel Safari, your tour will depart from Jaisalmer early in the morning at 6:00 am with a 60 km jeep drive to the camp. Sunrise is not to be missed, so why not start with it over breakfast at the camp.

8:00 am to 12:00 noon The adventurous camel safari begins, visiting various villages across the Jaisalmer and experiencing the desert wildlife..

12:00 noon to 3:00 pm we provide the lunch and rest in shade of tree

3:00 pm to 5:30 pm this time is awesome , now you can experiences beauty of desert and enjoy to magical sand and magical sunset evening and this adventure tourists will never forget .

7:00 pm now at end of day , Returning to camp Jaisalmer by jeep with an exotic desert adventure.

There are facilities available free of charge to leave your luggage before or after the tour if you are arriving or leaving close to the departure/return time. For a small charge there are also shower facilities available.


* Every evening folk dance.

* Hot water Available.

* Western style Bathrooms.

* Camel Safari And Jeep Safari

* Travel Desk.

* Laundry Service.

* Doctor on call.

* Car Rental.

* Clock Room.

* Special travel arrangements can be made on reques