Luxury Camp In Jaisalmer

Personalized Packages Available for Luxury Camp Services

Karni Desert Camp residence is available for friend and families, as well as for individual travelers. Those tourists who want to personalized package in Jaisalmer they should visit once time at Karni Desert Camp. The Resort remains cozy up in a green oasis, just 55 km away from Golden city of India. The main thing is that when you leave the Golden City of Rajasthan when you will be compared with other tents. Get away the busy life, and spend quality time to refresh your body, mind, as well as the soul.

Luxury Tents

Our tents are an enchanting masterpiece of styles. All suites promise for airy accommodation and cover an area of more than thousand square feet. The special royal tented suite has its personal spa, outdoor pool, dining as well as lounge tents. You can enjoy the natural light as well as stylish interiors which are carefully selected by our experts.

If you want Luxury Camp Jaisalmer then you are in right place Karni Desert Camp is Offer 20 Luxury Camp at Very Affordable Prices with Excellent Services. Come and stay in our Luxury Camp Service Jaisalmer.

Enjoy Various Activities in Jaisalmer

When you have plan to visit Karni Desert Camp, our staff stay with you and treat yourself in the various activities like Bird Watching, Camel Safari , Village walks, Tractor ride Communicating with village folk, plucking the fruits and vegetables from the tree!

Dining and Cuisine

At Luxury Camp Jaisalmer, the most important thing is dining areas, here dining areas are amazing, showing the place, its people as well as their cultures. Our camp serves mouthwatering local delicacies along with tasty western repasts designed from inherited procedures that design the daily changing list of option, to provide you eclectic fare with the help of fresh home-based diet.

Best of the Rajasthan Traditions

As a tourist, some culture is a part of the Rajasthani people. Here, Rajasthani treats their guests well and make them want to visit again. Most of the Rajasthani are involved in tourism-related jobs and hence take the very seriously as they main earning source.

If you are interested in Luxury Camp Jaisalmer. We are happy to help you and can talk to experts for more information about golden city of Rajasthan.. Moreover, online booking services are open for our clients. You can also save money through advance booking as well. Book now!